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Women in the Warehouse: Mother’s Day Edition

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

GSF celebrates Mother’s Day 2021 with a spotlight on three incredible Women in the Warehouse who share their journeys and experiences as working mothers.

For many women at Golden State Foods, their perspective as a mother brings valuable skills and motivates their success in the workplace.

“My little one has taught me a lot of patience and diligence,” shares Nancy Madamombe, a Quality Systems Manager in Burleson, Texas. “She is my reason for working hard, and she makes me want to be better, do better, and be the best leader I can be.”

Motivated by a hardworking and driven team, Nancy spends her day ensuring GSF continuously meets quality standards and guidelines. Giving her leaders credit for always supporting her family and allowing her to maintain a balance between motherhood and manager, Nancy believes any woman could be successful in this industry.

“You are the maker of your own destiny,” she says. “Hard work pays off, and the numerous career paths make it easy to meet your financial goals and take care of your family. Your opportunities are endless.”

For Tammy Rosser, a Materials Manager at the Conyers, Georgia facility, being a mom is all about understanding conflict resolution and multi-tasking. She says that these skills come with learning to teach her children effective communication and listening to the real issues at hand. In her GSF role, she communicates and plans between warehouse supervisors and supply chain team members to ensure efficient materials ordering, inventory management, and productive operations.

For a mom, you must be able to plan ahead and pivot for everything that falls into your lap,” she explains. “Heavy duty multi-tasking at home definitely plays into being a manager of warehouse/supply chain teams because many issues pop up daily that require plans to change quickly!”

Recognized for her hard work and dedication with GSF’s 2020 Stellar Award, Tammy credits the company’s leadership for giving her the opportunity to learn and grow in a career she says is very fulfilling. She shares, “I love that my children are able to see my work ethic and the rewards of my career choice!”

Whether during daily meals with her children or working with GSF team members, Suzy Quezada, a Material Handler at the City of Industry, California manufacturing facility, focuses on strong communication, teamwork, teaching, and learning. She believes any mom would be a great fit for the warehouse.

“We only have three women at my warehouse facility, and I’m very proud to be on the team,” Suzy says. “The advice I would give to other mothers is that you can do anything that you put your mind to.”

GSF appreciates all the dedicated mothers across the GSF family of companies and their many contributions at work and at home. Happy Mother’s Day!

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