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Global Presence

The World of Golden State Foods

GSF’s worldwide locations include seven liquid products processing plants, one meat processing plant, four produce processing plants, 26 distribution centers, and three corporate headquarters, in addition to administrative, operational and Innovation Centers around the globe.

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Global Presence


Global Growth, Local Tastes

For nearly five decades, Golden State Foods’ international presence continues to grow. Currently, GSF exports products to more than 50 countries on five continents, consistently meeting exacting regional and cultural food quality, safety and labeling standards. Today, the company continues to ensure that its facilities worldwide consistently maintain GSF standards for cleanliness, efficiency, and quality through the use of internal and external audits. Likewise, it makes certain that all product ingredients are accepted by each country’s government standards while maintaining consistency in taste and quality.

United States of America

GSF provides one-stop shopping for distribution and global logistics, international food quality standards and joint venture partnerships that facilitate international operations. ​By using specialized container shipments, GSF is able to ship customized quantities of ingredients to suppliers to help them control costs and maintain inventories.



Since 1994, GSF has been serving customers in various countries throughout the Middle East through its food processing and distribution center in Cairo, Egypt. This state-of-the-art facility provides high-quality liquid products as well as full-line distribution services to dozens of customers and hundreds of restaurants throughout the region.



Since the 1990s, GSF has been serving customers in Australia with high-quality produce and liquid products. As one of the largest produce manufacturers in the country, GSF Australia operates an award-winning produce processing plant in Sydney. GSF also supplies various liquid products to selected customers. GSF Australia is committed to producing safe, quality products to all its customers while remaining competitive in its pricing.



Through its subsidiary, KanPak China, the company provides an array of product offerings throughout the Chinese markets. Since the 1990s, KanPak China has been producing a variety of dairy-based products, such as smoothies, ice cream, coffees, creamers, frozen desserts, and specialty beverages for the QSR and retail markets. Adding to its diverse line of dairy products, the company also produces a variety of liquid products such as ketchup, sauces, dressings, and syrups as well as produce for QSR customers.

Headquartered in Shanghai, KanPak China operates facilities in Guangzhou, Xiantao City, and Wuhan, as well as a Research and Development pilot lab in Shanghai. The company is dedicated to delivering safe, quality products that meet both customers’ and China’s regulatory requirements.

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New Zealand

GSF Fresh! in New Zealand is one of the largest produce manufacturers in New Zealand. The company operates an award-winning plant in Auckland, which manufactures fresh produce for thousands of restaurants throughout the country.​ In addition, GSF Fresh! provides premium salad greens, vegetable mixes, peeled baby carrots, and fresh sprouts. GSF Fresh! operates two facilities in New Zealand that service that region, as well as export to China.​

GSF also owns Groenz, a liquid products manufacturer of sauces, dressings, condiments, and powders for the QSR and food service industries in New Zealand, Australia, and the Pacific Islands.​ Through its manufacturing plant in the City of Industry, California, GSF also provides liquid products to the Asia-Pacific region, expanding its cost-effective solutions in that area.

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