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Women in the Warehouse: Linghui Wan

Each quarter, GSF features a woman leader within the GSF family of companies,sharing her journey, insights, and what it takes to succeed in this industry. 

A valued associate from GSF’s international Produce Products group, Linghui Wan currently serves as the Product Team Lead for the GSF Fresh! facility in Wuhan, China. She joined GSF in 2021 as a warehouse staff member and soon undertook additional responsibilities to assist the production team, leading to her promotion in 2022. Before her career at GSF, Wan gained experience in the food and beverage industry, working at Pepsi’s Wuhan facility.   

Her day-to-day responsibilities include coordinating and training in daily production, ensuring timely order fulfillment, applying critical thinking to improve labor efficiency, controlling raw material cost in production, and following up on product quality and customer concerns. Linghui notes GSF’s continuous development opportunities as the most enjoyable part of her job. She also credits her team’s positive attitude and united approach to work as key factors in her overall job satisfaction.  

When asked about how GSF has supported her personal life, she explains how GSF supported her family’s educational pursuits. 

“I’m very grateful to receive financial support from GSF,” said Linghui, “My child was a winner of GSF’s 2023-2024 scholarship program.”  

Linghui encourages other women to consider working in the warehouse and offers advice on maintaining work-life balance. She shares, “Due to the specialty of our products and orders, the working hours are not fixed every day. Just keep in mind that we will need to manage our working and private time.” 

She appreciates GSF’s commitment to maintaining the highest standards and notes how the company’s best practices support associates in their careers. “We have a good and thorough process and standard operating procedures to follow that enables our team to find solutions and plan for abnormal situations in a timely matter,” she explains. The team at GSF Fresh! Wuhan supports each other, contributing to the overall positive atmosphere in the warehouse. 

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