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Women in the Warehouse: Kim Rome

February 19, 2020 Each month, GSF features a woman leader within the GSF family of companies, sharing her journey, insights and what it takes to succeed in this industry.

There’s no doubt that this month’s female leader is inspiring, but she’s also hard-working! Kim Rome, Supervisor of Frozen Production at GSF Protein Products in Opelika, Alabama, has proven throughout her 19-year career that all goals are achievable for those with a strong work ethic and the willingness to be a life-long learner.

Kim started her GSF journey in 2001 as a patty packer. Two years later, she decided to explore a warehouse role in shipping and receiving, where she served for about a year and a half. After she married and started a family, her facility’s management team provided great support, allowing her to return to the meat department with a new, flexible schedule that supported her personal priorities. She later earned a promotion to team lead and continued to work her way up the ladder through various opportunities, until she became the supervisor of frozen production.

“There was one thing I promised myself to do every day,” Kim recalls. “I would continue to work as hard as I did since day one. There are times when seeking new opportunities may seem challenging, but it makes you aware of what you’re capable of and how much more you’re willing to learn and do.”

One of Kim’s favorite aspects of working at GSF is the people. She appreciates how associates care for each other and how management is willing to provide training and support for those who are eager to grow their qualifications. She also acknowledges that her experience working in different roles throughout her career has put her in a unique position to give specific and helpful advice to associates who are new to the industry or who may be struggling and need individual support.

“Another favorite thing about working in this place is how family-oriented it is,” she says. “Whether it’s your fellow associate, or someone from management, I can assure you that they will be your very own cheerleader and will support you with whatever it takes to expand your skillset and capabilities.”

When asked about why women should consider taking more jobs in the industry, Kim shared that although being a woman leader in the warehouse can be challenging at times, women generally possess qualities, such as being good planners and executers, which can set them up for great success in this industry. She challenges other women to keep an open mind about their career choices. 

“Women need to believe in themselves and their competencies. Do not belittle yourself by the size of the job,” she advises. “When you know your job and you know how to keep people safe, you can do anything you put your mind to. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted, and just let your work speak for you.”
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