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Women in the Warehouse: Dawn Warner

December 16, 2019 Each month, GSF features a woman leader within the GSF family of companies, sharing her journey, insights and what it takes to succeed in this industry.

Embracing opportunities to take the road less-traveled, Dawn Warner has forged an illustrious career path in distribution and has worked in a variety of roles, from dispatcher and manager of transportation to eventually co-owning her own trucking company. Her breadth of experience and understanding of the supply chain led into her current role as Director of Supply Chain at GSF in Conyers, Georgia.

“I was always willing to learn and willing to do something that wasn’t inside the normal role of a woman in the warehouse,” shares Dawn, who encourages other young women to see supply chain management as an avenue for various career opportunities. “Women are pretty good planners and the supply chain role involves being able to logistically move goods throughout a processing system. It takes analytical minds to drive the business and we are the backbone for making things work!”

Beyond her passion for supply chain management, Dawn volunteers with the GSF Foundation to pay forward her gratitude for support that made a difference in her life. “This really supplements my desire to give back, so that folks have the same opportunities that were afforded to me, as I was coming into my career,” says Dawn.

Dawn enjoys her colleagues and felt an immediate connection with her team at the Conyers facility, when she arrived almost two years ago. “Folks bond together and are willing to collaborate and dig in—there’s an extreme loyalty to the company within our facility,” says Dawn. “I have many aspirations and I believe that as GSF grows, I’ll be able to bring my knowledge to the table to potentially impact more than just the Conyers facility.”​​

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