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GSF Veterans Share Valuable Skills and Insights Gained During Their Service

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

This Veterans Day, GSF recognizes all of the brave heroes who have served in the armed forces of the U.S. military. After serving in World War II, GSF’s first CEO, Bill Moore, founded the company 75 years ago on a GI bill and a heart full of dreams. Today, eight percent of U.S. associates across the GSF family of companies have military backgrounds.

As a long-time supporter of military veterans, GSF most recently implemented a new Career Skills Program (CSP) program in the Opelika, Alabama Protein Products facility in early 2022. Providing a direct pathway to internships at various companies and organizations within the City of Opelika, CSP endeavors to help veterans secure positions after completing their internship program.

As GSF thanks all veterans for their service and sacrifice, some of the company’s associates have shared reflections about their military backgrounds and the influence it has on their roles with GSF today. When asked about how their service experiences impact their work at GSF, associates’ responses ranged from working as a team to understanding each other’s differences:

“The military teaches you how to work as a team to complete a task as one unit. There is no ‘I’ in team.” – Brian Dolan, Delivery Driver, Quality Custom Distribution (QCD) Waipahu, Hawaii
“The military exposed me to all walks of life, and I was able to gain a ton of perspective on how people can be a product of their environment. Being able to mesh with large and diverse groups allows you to be more understanding of what people go through.” – Devin Goodnoe, General Manager, QCD Seattle, Washington
“I was able to transfer the sense of urgency, attention to detail, and follow-up that I learned from my time in the military, enabling me as a recruiter to prioritize openings, communicate efficiently, and take care of the candidates that I speak with and source.” – Bill Rathell, Recruiter, QCD Washington, D.C.

Some of GSF’s veterans shared valuable skills they developed while serving in the military that aid their success as a company associate, including integrity, honor, respect, and other values:

“Pride, honor, respect, teamwork, and you are only as successful as your weakest link.” – Jodi Whitlock, General Manager, QCD Dallas
“Loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, and personal courage.” – Austin Sims, Maintenance Technician, GSF Burleson, Texas
“To work as a team and watch each other’s back. Respect one another and treat everyone with dignity.” – Armont Nash, Driver Trainer, QCD Chicago West

Other veterans offered guidance to those transitioning from the military into the workforce with advice on honing your skills and finding a company culture that reflects your values, among other suggestions:

“Connect with a professional network that encourages you to widen your aperture and translate your cultivated professional skills to a meaningful career. Seek a company that aligns with your values and brings out the best in you. Choose to work with people you trust and respect in a company like QCD.” – Christopher Roesner, Senior National Accounts Manager, QCD Frisco, Texas
“Embrace the new culture you are in and draw on your talents to help shape the team for success.” – Bryan Bartee, Senior Director of Operations, KanPak Arkansas City, Kansas
“Uncle Sam has given you a leg up by training you. Continue to hone those skills and develop them in the civilian world, take pride in what you do, and stand out.” – Paul Howell, Senior Facilities Engineer, GSF Opelika, Alabama

Thank you to our valued GSF veterans and to all those who have served and continue to serve in the U.S. military.

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