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Quality Custom Distribution Opens Four Midwest Distribution Centers

New foodservice logistics centers support growth for QCD and its customers throughout the U.S.

Frisco, Texas-based Quality Custom Distribution (QCD), part of the Golden State Foods (GSF) family of companies, opened four Midwest distribution centers between March and September, following its acquisition of DPI (Dedicated Logistics Inc.) facilities in February 2020. With a U.S. footprint of 28 facilities servicing more than 7,500 quick service restaurant (QSR) customers in virtually every state, QCD initiated operations at four newly built facilities, including two locations in Chicago, Illinois; one location in Indianapolis, Indiana; and one location in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

“The optimization of QCD’s total U.S. distribution network supports our valued partnerships with quick service operators and suppliers across the country,” said Ryan Hammer, QCD president and corporate vice president, Golden State Foods. “We’re leveraging innovative technologies, cultivating QCD’s talent, and creating dozens of new jobs, all to collaboratively support our customers’ growth where they need us for their continued success.”

In late September, QCD Chicago East completed its 105,000-square-foot logistics facility, which supports QSR stores throughout four states. Beginning in early September, QCD’s 135,000-square-foot Indianapolis distribution center started delivering to customers across four states and will expand to service more stores in early 2021. With delivery routes spanning five states, the 146,000-square-foot QCD Chicago West location initiated operations in June. QCD Minneapolis opened its 70,000-square-foot facility in February, began servicing customers in early March, and will add more QSR stores this fall.

QCD’s expansion into the Midwest and Northeast this year has enabled the company to service 2,100 more QSR stores across 20 states. As QCD’s newly built facilities prepare to support additional customers in the months ahead, its Midwest workforce will grow to more than 400 associates. Across the country, more than 2,500 QCD associates contribute to customer success through the company’s expertise in custom last-mile distribution.

Serving a variety of foodservice industry giants, QCD drives more than 35 million miles each year, distributing a half billion products and making more than a million deliveries annually from its strategically located U.S. distribution centers. Since its start in 2006, QCD has grown from just one route and a few stores in the Northwest to serving thousands of locations across the country. Iconic QSR customers have consistently recognized QCD as a top distribution partner for service and efficiencies, as well as quality and performance, based on store operator feedback and corporate standards.

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