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Lee Gragnano: Nearly 50 Years of Service

As a new series starting in 2021, GSF will feature an associate who’s celebrating an anniversary within the GSF family of companies. Each quarter, we invite you to read about their journey, insights, and what makes their time with the company so special.

“To me, Golden State Foods means life.”

Half a century ago, at the age of 18, Lee Gragnano began working as a warehouseman at the same company where his father worked, Golden State Foods. Little did Lee know at the time, but that first job in 1971 was just the beginning of a successful and rewarding career, spanning nearly five decades with GSF.  

“I literally have grown up here, and what I have in life, I owe it to this company. This has been a great career, and they have been so good to me along the way.” 

Lee will retire in January 2021 from his current position as Compliance Director for Department of Transportation and Environment, Health and Safety. He credits the people and close-knit, family culture as the inspiration for his unwavering loyalty to the company. 

“GSF has always been a family business, even though we are a huge conglomerate,” Lee reflects. “The company really cares about us as people and has always taken care of my family. Throughout my time here and wherever I traveled, the people are always just so good. I feel fortunate and blessed to have worked for such a great company.”  In his final days of working, Lee gives a word of advice, “Don’t just come in for the paycheck because if you work hard, understand the business, build relationships, and get involved, good things will come.”  

GSF congratulates Lee on this historic milestone and expresses sincere gratitude for his meaningful contributions to the company over the past 50 years. Happy retirement, Lee! 

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