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GSF’s Chief Technology Officer Featured in National IBM Commercial

Guilda Javaheri | IBM: “Dear Tech”

If you recently saw a commercial from IBM while watching the Golf Channel or the recent NCAA basketball games, you may have seen Guilda Javaheri, Chief Technology Officer for GSF. Guilda is currently being featured in a 30-second spot called “Dear Tech.”

Guilda is featured alongside other executives including Devin Miller from ExxonMobil, Tim Skeen from Anthem, and Olabisi Boyle from Visa. In the ad, these executives ask the question, “what type of tech company does the world need today?”

The commercial, which debuted last week, is currently running on major stations, including Golf Channel, NBC and many more.

GSF has partnered with IBM on several initiatives, including blockchain and IoT to track and trace food along the supply chain. In the ad, Guilda says, “we’re using blockchain to help make sure food stays fresh.”

To view the full spot, visit IBM on YouTube, HERE.

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