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GSF Celebrates Father’s Day with Associates’ Inspiring Words of Wisdom

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

June 18, 2021

Leading up to Father’s Day this weekend, GSF celebrates all the incredible fathers within our family of companies. Detailing their experiences in a recent questionnaire, many dads proudly shared words that describe their experience as a working father at GSF. These are represented together in the visual below:

Some fathers shared the skills they use to raise their children and succeed as a company associate.

Offering support, love and care – Ryan Hammer, GSF Corporate Senior Vice President and President, QCD (Frisco, Texas)

Communication, perseverance, tolerance, patience, responsibility – Jason Liu, Continuous Improvement Manager, KanPak China (Xiantao, Hubei, China)

Time management and problem solving – Michael Hetherington III, Kitte/Dock Clerk, KanPak U.S. (Penn Yan, New York)

Compassion, understanding, listening and always teaching – Marcus Vigil, Senior Dispatcher, QCD, (Frisco, Texas)

Stamina and making a dull moment fun – Joshua Churchill, Supervisor, Global Multimedia Production and Graphic Design (GSF Irvine/QCD Fontana)

Coaching and diplomacy – Robert Kellnhauser, Senior Product Manager, KanPak U.S., (Southbury, Connecticut)

Compassionate leadership – Dan Smith, Corporate Safety Manager, KanPak U.S. (Arkansas City, Kansas)


Other dads offered their advice on balancing their role as part of the GSF family of companies, while also supporting a family at home.

“Find the right balance between work and home life. A stable, healthy home life will help you perform at your best without distractions.” – Aaron Dean, Dispatcher (Frisco, Texas)

“Live and work by the Creed and Values! Set the standard for your coworkers, just as you would for your children. Be a light to others and set the example!” – Dan Tong, Safety and Training Specialist, KanPak U.S. (Arkansas City, Kansas)

“Treat people like you want them to treat your kids.” – Michael Edwards, Operations Manager, GSF Liquid Products North America (Burleson, Texas)

“Have a sense of pride about what you do.  It is hard to balance all of the demands of life, but if you care about what you are doing and make your best effort, then who can ask for more?” – Wayne Morgan, GSF Corporate Vice President and President, Protein Products and Operations Support Services (Conyers, Georgia)

“Go as far as you can, because you need to remember that your children depend on you, look up to you, and if you succeed, then the chance of them succeeding is greater as well.” – Corey Adamas, Customer Service Representative, QCD (Frisco, Texas)

“Show up, work hard, be positive, and all else will fall into place. All hard work does not go unrecognized.” – Saul Penaloza, Warehouse Supervisor, QCD (Los Angeles, California) ​

“First, find a career that you love and balance it. Leave work at work. When you clock in, invest your time not only in the company, but yourself as well. Learn as much as you can, as often as you can. When the day is over, clock out and be present at home. Don’t get burnt out at work and have nothing left to give at home. Second, learn from your children. I think having kids teaches us so much. Kids have a pure and genuine desire to learn and understand things. We often tend to lose that as we get older. Our kids can test our patience, but we learn to be patient. Why? Because they are learning and as parents, we are invested in the process it can be for them to learn—just like at work. Be patient and invest in the process. Let your kids remind you that every day is an opportunity to learn something new, understand something a little more complex, and ultimately become a more rounded individual.” – Adam Jett, Receiving/Operations Clerk, QCD (San Antonio, Texas)

“Develop a work ethic your children can learn from.  Balance time with work and your family and appreciate both.” – Rob Belleque, Warehouse Manager, GSF Liquid Products North America (City of Industry, California)

“Set priorities, and in all things set an example both at home and work. Children, like adults, thrive under routine in structure. Make it flexible enough for grace, but rigid enough for stability.” – Bryan Bartee, Group Vice President, Manfacturing Operations, KanPak U.S. (Wichita, Kansas)

“Continue to keep your eyes on the prize.  The same principles that we use as fathers to guide our children into their future and progression are the from the same foundation that helps a successful career.” – Erik Manlove, Supply Chain Supervisor, (City of Industry, California)


GSF wishes all fathers in our GSF family of companies, as well as those among our customers, vendors, and community partners, a very happy Father’s Day!

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