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GSF Career Spotlight: Jumi Rho

An enthusiastic team player and leader, Jumi Rho has experienced growth, collaboration, and a drive to make a difference during her GSF career. As the Applications Manager at GSF’s Irvine, California corporate office location, Jumi enjoys the culture of innovation and teamwork that brings ample opportunities for skills development and career advancement to associates.


Jumi's GSF story began on a memorable Valentine's Day in 2020, when she joined the company, marking the start of a purposeful and rewarding career journey. As a Solutions Architect, her initial role laid the groundwork for future roles of increasing responsibility. Jumi soon advanced to leading a team of business systems analysts as the manager of the applications team for GSF’s Liquid Products North America (LPNA) business group.


Team, Impact, and Culture

Emphasizing the most positive aspect of GSF, Jumi’s says in her own words, “I love my team!” Specifically, she says her dedication to GSF comes from her affinity for the applications and IT teams, as she appreciates collaborating with the business side and contributing to the company's success. The impactful culture of community at GSF continues to rank as her top source of enjoyment and motivation at work.


Instrumental in her career development, Jumi credits the LPNA leaders and the IT management team for their unwavering support. In addition to GSF’s people-first culture, the company’s nonprofit GSF Foundation resonates deeply with Jumi, inspiring a sense of pride that she loves to share with her children. Underpinning the special culture of GSF and more than just words, the company’s Creed and Values serve as guiding principles in Jumi’s career journey.


Advice for Shared Success

For aspiring associates, Jumi encourages everyone to work diligently, while remembering the ultimate purpose of their roles to serve and uplift those around them within the GSF team and the broader communities where associates work and live. Focused on mutual success with colleagues, customers, and community, Jumi’s servant leader approach builds ownership and fosters a collective progress mindset.


Looking to the Future

On the horizon, Jumi aims to continue evolving with her team and LPNA, broadening her knowledge and extending GSF's influence. She hopes her story inspires current and future associates looking to navigate their own career path at GSF.

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