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Associates Share Sustainability Perspectives and Engage in Earth Day 2022 Activities

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

April 22, 2022

In celebration of Earth Day, GSF asked associates to share their perspectives on environmental initiatives and the company’s long-term commitment to sustainability. Representing various manufacturing and logistics business areas across the GSF family of companies, Sustainability Coordinators and members of our corporate sustainability team reflected on how GSF’s Creed and Values support company-wide sustainability efforts and how these efforts advance successful business practices for GSF and its customers.

“Pledging ourselves to our best efforts, in alignment with our Creed, stands out to me the most when thinking about how we can work together as one collective GSF to reach our sustainability goals and maximize our global impact.” – Olivia Morton, Sustainability Specialist (GSF Conyers, Georgia)
“The Creed and Values support our sustainability efforts by pushing the company and the associates to produce quality products while keeping our impact on the environment in mind.” – Jakob Wegenast, Plant Engineer and Sustainability Coordinator (KanPak Arkansas City, Kansas)
“Sustainability is rooted in resource conservation and waste minimization/reduction. These are both pillars in a successful business and in turn makes for a competitive business.” – Elyse Payne, Regional Safety and Training Manager (QCD Orlando, Florida)

Associates also suggested ways to globally reduce GSF’s carbon footprint to align with the company’s sustainability goals.

“By being mindful of the small issues around the plant such as air leaks, steam leaks, and water leaks. Solving these small issues contributes to the overall goals of GSF, even though they do not seem like much.” – Jakob Wegenast, Plant Engineer and Sustainability Coordinator (KanPak Arkansas City, Kansas)
“As an associate, one way we can reduce our personal carbon footprint is by limiting the number of items that get printed or used double sided printing. Reducing the amount of paper consumption is an easy daily practice.” – Elyse Payne, Regional Safety and Training Manager (QCD Orlando, Florida)
“Awareness. The concept of ‘solving the climate crisis’ can be daunting. Reducing our carbon footprint will not happen overnight. Collective understanding and actions to improve operational efficiencies, reduce office waste, and in turn, work towards more innovative solutions in both our manufacturing and distribution facilities, as one GSF, is a great way forward.” – Olivia Morton, Sustainability Specialist (GSF Conyers, Georgia)

For the past decade, GSF associates have celebrated Earth Day with an array of activities, from sustainability webinars and GSF Foundation volunteering to recycling drives and water conservation initiatives. To heighten associates’ knowledge and engagement in sustainability initiatives this year, GSF presented a series of Earth Day webinars this week and launched a GSF Wellness Challenge today. This spring, GSF will award incentives to associates who complete multiple environmentally-friendly activities, such as community beach/park clean-ups, recycling, planting, gardening, composting, carpooling, walking/biking as alternative transportation, and avoiding single-use products like straws, plastic bags, and water bottles.

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