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New GSF Innovation Center Opens at Conyers Liquid Products Facility

July 29, 2020

The newest GSF Innovation Center opened this month at the Liquid Products North America facility in Conyers, Georgia. As part of 10 global GSF Innovation Centers, the newest location will engage customers, quality experts, nutritionists, chefs, food scientists, and regulatory specialists in collaborative dialogue and side-by-side work sessions to develop hundreds of new products every year.

“The Conyers Innovation Center design aligns with GSF’s five-stage innovation process,” explains Mitch Dingwall, GSF’s Product Development, Senior Director. “First, we understand the customer’s needs. Second, we imagine what’s possible. Third, we develop the idea/prototype. Fourth, we validate the concept. Finally, we launch the product.”

To accurately simulate customer capabilities, the nearly 7,000-square-foot food innovation hub features a state-of-the-art test kitchen, complete with essential back-of-house equipment, including a flattop grill, smoker, combi and impingement ovens, multiple fryers, clamshell press, and milkshake and espresso machines. Additionally, the Conyers Innovation Center encompasses an open, inviting demonstration bar, multiple video presentation rooms, and a variety of creative gathering spaces to encourage thought-provoking discussions and imaginative ideas.

To accelerate speed to market, the Innovation Center mimics plant scale-up for initial testing, closing the gap from kitchen to facility floor. Leveraging advanced technologies, the sensory lab ensures that products meet or exceed quality expectations. GSF’s investment in global Innovation Centers, along with talent and technology, will propel forward the custom crafted, uniquely yours promise of Liquid Products North America.

The Conyers team will synergize with nine other GSF Innovation Centers worldwide in the following locations:

  1. Arkansas City, Kansas

  2. Auckland, New Zealand

  3. Cairo, Egypt

  4. City of Industry, California

  5. Chicago, Illinois

  6. Guangzhou, China

  7. Shanghai, China

  8. Sydney, Australia

  9. Wellington, New Zealand

Due to increased consumer demand for cleaner labels worldwide, these experts also leverage the Innovation Centers to develop signature products with healthier and more recognizable ingredients. GSF’s global manufacturing capabilities include liquid products (dressings, sauces, condiments), produce, protein products, dairy, and beverages.

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