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GSF Fresh! China Opens New Wuhan Facility

November 17, 2020

To support an iconic QSR customer in China and its growing need for high-quality produce, GSF Fresh! China has established a new location in the city of Wuhan. Beginning as soon as late December 2020, the newly constructed 23,680-square-foot facility will supply its customer’s restaurants in central and northwest China. About 30 Wuhan associates will process approximately 2.2 million pounds of produce annually, including shredded lettuce, frozen corn, whole and sliced tomatoes, and lemon and apple slices.

“Although the Coronavirus pandemic delayed Wuhan’s opening by about three months, we’re proud to finally initiate operations in this superb facility with its flexible line design to meet our customer’s fluctuating product demands at a beneficial operating cost,” said Michael Hu, General Manager, GSF Fresh! China. “The Wuhan plant certainly represents our values of giving the customer a fair deal and maintaining the highest standards.”

Following successful trial production runs in September, the Wuhan team conducted quality assurance trials in October to prepare for its customer’s supplier quality management and workplace accountability audits. Now, the facility is poised to begin commercial production in late December or early January as GSF’s second Produce Products location in China. The existing Guangzhou facility will continue to supply produce in southern China.

“As we officially launch production in Wuhan to support customers, our business continues to grow and thrive across the globe,” said Campbell Cooper, President, International Business Group. “Congratulations to the Produce Products team on this exciting development!”
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