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Neil Cracknell Honored by the British American Business Council for Business Excellence

Congratulations to Neil Cracknell, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, for being recognized at the 2014 British American Business Awards (BABA) annual dinner at Hotel Irvine on September 24. Neil was recognized by the British American Business Council for his business excellence and leadership as a Brit leading an American-based company. “It’s an honor to be recognized by my home countrymen for my business endeavors in the U.S.,” explains Neil. “It was an additional privilege to be honored alongside of other successful business leaders in their industries as well.” Along with the recognition, Neil participated in a panel discussion with other award recipients including Murthy Simhambhatla, President, Abbott Media Optics; David Tearle, Vice President and CFO, Gemological Institute of America; and Ken Venner, CIO of SpaceX. The discussion was moderated by PBS TV Host and Executive Producer, Rick Reiff. Topics ranged from global expansion to leadership approach to desired “superpower” and achieving happiness. GSF attendees included Chairman and CEO, Mark Wetterau; Corporate Senior Vice President and CFO, Bill Sanderson; Corporate Senior Vice President of HR, Steve Becker; Senior Vice President and Chief CSR and Legal Officer, John Page; Corporate Vice President and President, QCD, Bob Wolpert; Corporate Vice President and President, McDonald’s Distribution, Craig Reese; Senior Director, Corporate Development, Dorn Van Cleave; Group Vice President and Vice President, Operational Development, Mickey Hamer; and Group Vice President, Corporate Communications, Shellie Frey along with Neil’s sons, Oliver and George Cracknell

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