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Lisa Gottlieb: 30 Years of Valued Service

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

Each quarter, GSF features associates celebrating milestone anniversaries within the GSF family of companies, sharing their journey, insights and what makes their time with the company so special. October 3, 2022

Lisa Gottlieb, Corporate Treasurer at GSF’s global headquarters in Irvine, California, celebrated 30 years with Golden State Foods in early 2022. As Lisa recounts her time at GSF, she refers to the office as a “home away from home” and feels that this milestone is a testament to the company’s culture.

“The time has gone by so fast, but I have enjoyed coming into the office every day,” Lisa says. “It’s been incredible to watch the company’s growth, from entering the international market to the diversification across our brands.”

Lisa began her career as a staff accountant and then advanced to her current role as the leader of GSF’s treasury functions, which include cash management, maintaining bank relationships, and overseeing the accounts payable department. At the start of each day, Lisa determines GSF’s cash position by calculating the cash flow and managing the revolving debt line.

In addition to her daily role, Lisa serves on the GSF Foundation (GSFF) Board of Directors and oversees the finances on both a local and national level. During an awards ceremony in February 2022, GSF recognized Lisa with a GSF Foundation Award for her ongoing generosity and long-term dedication to GSFF’s mission, since the nonprofit’s inception 20 years ago. She enjoys the opportunity to give back to those in need and feels well-aligned with the company’s involvement with local nonprofits.

“Since the start of the Foundation, I’ve felt the work we’ve accomplished adds extra purpose to each of our roles,” says Lisa. “Not only has the Foundation supported my passion for community involvement, but it has allowed me to show my children the importance of giving back to our community by exposing them to volunteer work.”

Lisa refers to her colleagues as “one big family” and believes that these individuals at GSF have contributed to her long tenure with the company. Her advice to those interested in finance is to “be patient; if you work hard and put in the extra hours, you can achieve success.” When asked what tools played a vital role in her success, Lisa explained that her openness to learning new skills helped her forge a path forward in her career.

GSF congratulates Lisa on this incredible milestone with gratitude for her hard work over the past three decades.

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