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GSF Shares Reflections from U.S. Veterans Across the Company

Above: GSF veterans shared one word that describes what being a veteran means to them.

This Veterans Day, GSF honors the service of the courageous men and women who served in the armed forces of the U.S. military, including 10 percent of U.S. associates with military backgrounds across the GSF family of companies. In recognition of their service and sacrifice, GSF highlights some of the reflections shared recently by veterans from around the company.

When asked about how their military experiences have impacted contributions to their career success today, GSF veterans mentioned the opportunity to practice values such as integrity, compassion, and commitment, as well as develop adaptability, discipline, and strong leadership skills. Many veterans pointed out how teamwork has carried through significantly into their current roles.

“The Army focuses on teamwork and discipline, which taught me the importance of building a strong team that is filled with diverse skill sets and experiences,” says Cory Dial, Warehouse Manager, GSF Conyers, Georgia. “Every member of the team can make an impact and has something to offer, [and] as leaders we have to recognize those skills and how to leverage them. As a result, I feel I have built a strong team here in Conyers, capable of sharing knowledge and growing the team.”
Blaec Schulte, Demand Planning Supervisor at Quality Custom Distribution (QCD) in Frisco, Texas shares, “From the military, I brought over dedication to a team. This has helped tremendously to build strong relationships with my peers and our customers and has led to a great experience for everyone involved.”

Among the valuable skills gained through their U.S. military service, the most frequent examples shared by GSF veterans include attention to detail, punctuality, and perseverance. Additionally, Juan Garcia, Inventory Control Coordinator for QCD Frisco, Texas, mentions: “Organizational skills, as well as tact when dealing with others,” while Carlos Prado, Operations Manager for QCD Waipahu, Hawaii reflects: “I learned how to follow first and then lead people.”

Offering guidance to those transitioning from the military into the workforce, Customer Service Coordinator Marla Barr from QCD Frisco, Texas, recommends to fellow veterans: “Never stop seeking knowledge, [and] always help your teammates.” Other associates provided their advice for veterans making a career transition:

“Never forget what you learned,” advises James Sears, Field Service Representative, QCD Charlotte, North Carolina. “Follow through with teaching and even supervising/managing your team the same way. Having a structured team of people and leaders will make a massive impact on how you’re trusted to take care of your people.”
“Apply what you learned during your time in the military and gradually apply it to the civilian workforce,” suggests Wilbert Stillwell, EHS Manager, GSF Opelika, Alabama. “Understand that everything you do in the military may not work for you in the civilian environment.”
“Take a deep breath! Veterans who transition into the workforce can be overwhelmed and struggle to find their passion or their place in the day-to-day grind, but you will find your niche,” encourages Sydney Dial, Demand Planning Manager, GSF Conyers, Georgia. “I found mine at GSF in supply chain, and I haven’t looked back. There’s hope that you will find your passion! Use the resources within GSF to grow your career and find a mentor that will guide you.”

Thank you to our greatly valued GSF veterans and to all those who have served and continue to serve in the U.S. military.

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