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GSF’s New Distribution Facility Opens Doors in Whitewater, Wis.

GSF executives, Whitewater associates, McDonald’s executives and Whitewater civic leaders joined together on Thursday, August 15, to officially open the doors to the company’s new distribution facility in Whitewater, Wis. The facility, located at 729 Executive Drive, broke ground on a facility expansion in August 2012, and totals 92,610 square feet. The facility currently employs 132 associates, and serves more than 385 McDonald’s restaurants in four states throughout the Midwest (Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan). “Thank you all for coming, we are excited about today,” said Terry Wilson, Corporate Vice President, McDonald’s Distribution. “This is a big deal for us and we are exuberant about the whole experience, and we want you to be too. This new distribution center was built while you operated seven days a week and took care of 385 stores every day, and you should be very proud of what you accomplished.” The ribbon cutting ceremony was attended by Mark Wetterau, GSF Chairman and CEO; Neil Cracknell, GSF Executive Vice President and COO; Cameron Clapper, City Manager, Whitewater; Paul Sestak, GSF Whitewater Group Vice President and General Manager; Pern Lundell, McDonald’s Field Supply Chain Manager; Wayne Luter, GSF-Lemont General Manager; Terry Wilson, GSF Corporate Vice President, McDonald’s Distribution; Jeff Steren, McDonald’s Owner/Operator and Purchasing Committee Chair; and Ron Maurice, retired Field Supply Chain Manager-Chicago Region. “I am thrilled to be here today, as we celebrate the grand opening of the expanded facility here in Whitewater,” said Cameron Clapper, City Manager, Whitewater, Wis. “I want to thank Golden State Foods and McDonald’s for their support of the Whitewater community. This is not only a momentous day for Golden State Foods and McDonald’s, but this is momentous occasion for the city. We want to see business improve and grow and we want to see families prosper, so to see the growth and prosperity that Golden State Foods has had and is now is able to demonstrate with the expansion of the Whitewater facility is just excellent. This is the kind of company we want to have in the city of Whitewater and we want to continue our great partnership.” The improved distribution center will employ state-of-the-art technology, and will facilitate green and sustainable initiatives. In addition, lighting throughout the facility is motion-activated. There are “light blocks” in the walls that allow ample natural light in the cooler/freezer area. Trailers stored in the yard have electrical connectivity stanchions to run reefer units without needing the diesel engine running on the trailer to keep trailers cool/cold. The refrigeration/freezer system for the facility is the new “Cascade” system that has all the ammonia contained outdoors with only CO2 being circulated in the system. This is the most current, efficient and safe way for ammonia cooling. “When you think about a family, that’s GSF. Just like the “McFamily” of McDonald’s, we all work together to support each other and make sure we get our jobs done the best way we know how,” said Paul Sestak, Whitewater Group Vice President and General Manager. “We have all worked tirelessly to get to this point since our groundbreaking last year. When I look around at this fine facility, I can’t help but think of the teamwork and the results, and how it is a testimonial to all of your efforts. This is a new chapter in the GSF journey with our McDonald’s partner, the city of Whitewater, the community and all of you.”

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