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GSF Leaders Share AI Insights During Recent Speaking Engagements

August 29, 2023

Artificial intelligence (AI), the science of making machines that can think and act like humans, continues to captivate innovators across many industries as the hot topic of the moment. From chat bots and e-commerce ads to self-driving vehicles and virtual assistants, AI seems to be everywhere now, and the foodservice industry is no exception. Throughout manufacturing and logistics, AI applications influence continuous improvements in food safety, quality, service, sourcing, operational efficiencies, and numerous other aspects of GSF’s businesses. As leaders across the company innovate with AI, several have recently engaged in speaking opportunities to share their thought leadership based on GSF’s continued pursuit of emerging technologies.

This week’s Food Logistics webinar, “AI in Unexpected Places: Applications for Cold Chain Temperature Management” featured remarks from Tim Bates, GSF’s Corporate Quality Systems Director, Logistics. Key topics included accurately predicting core product temperatures with AI; preventing unnecessary maintenance and detention time with predictive analytics; and tracking and sharing every touch point to increase visibility for suppliers and their customers.

On August 10, GSF’s Group Vice President, Strategic Sourcing, Trisha McRoberts, participated in an interactive virtual discussion about “The Future of Procurement: How AI Is Revolutionizing Procurement Operations with Insights at Scale,” hosted by Procurement Leaders, a global community for procurement professionals. The live webinar focused on how to reduce spend by unlocking and managing critical contractual data; integrate AI-powered technology to supercharge operations; and automate contract management processes and track obligations in vendor agreements.

“Among the emerging technologies that GSF has been exploring and leveraging for many years now, AI already has and certainly will continue to shape the digital supply chain of the future,” said GSF Chief Technology Officer Guilda Javaheri.
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