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GS1 Publishes Case Study Featuring GSF’s Innovative RFID Pilot

Updated: Feb 29

This month, GS1 US published its case study and a video about GSF's innovative RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) pilot that heightens visibility in the Opelika, Alabama-based Protein Products operation, delivering end-to-end traceability and operational efficiency for a leading QSR customer. Partnering with the customer’s supply chain leaders, GSF has leveraged data and GS1 standards to enable a more automated, digital supply chain.  

"The combination of pre-tagged corrugate and TDS 2 allow us to capture critical production data during manufacturing without incurring additional labor hours,” said GSF's Chief Technology Officer, Guilda Javaheri, in the case study. “To accomplish this without impacting operations and while maintaining the speed of the production lines is truly a differentiator.”  

In recent years, GSF initiated proof-of-concept trials, followed by a pilot to digitize data capture that promotes transparency at the case level. Collaborating with the Protein Products customer to trace fresh beef patty production, GSF’s pre-tagged corrugate provides new capabilities for tracing the product’s journey from processing to consumption. Beyond the initial beef pilot, the RFID-enabled solution offers game-changing potential to apply to any product packaged in corrugate. 

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