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David Hutchinson Marks 35-Year Milestone Anniversary at GSF

Each quarter, GSF features associates celebrating milestone anniversaries within the GSF family of companies, sharing their journey, insights and what makes their time with the company so special.


In January, David Hutchinson, Senior Director of Operations, Engineering, and Maintenance in the City of Industry, California, celebrated 35 years of dedicated service with Golden State Foods. He began his journey as a Maintenance Mechanic, participating in numerous growth projects and gaining valuable skills that led to roles of increasing responsibility. When David recounts his three-plus decades with GSF, he describes the organization as a family and second home where he feels genuinely fulfilled in his career.


“Working for three out of four CEOs at GSF has been an incredibly amazing experience for me,” said David. “Being part of the company's growth, living by its Creed and Values, and fostering friendships and relationships have made my time here truly fulfilling.”


David’s day-to-day focus involves supporting his team to ensure they achieve success together. So, he prioritizes frequent interactions, sets a clear vision for daily tasks, and addresses any obstacles that may arise that hinder their work. To facilitate growth initiatives for the business, he also collaborates with the facility leader, engineering department, and sales team.


When asked what skills play a key role in his success, he mentions that “setting a clear vision and effectively communicating is pivotal." He also highlights the importance of coordinating with teams and nurturing a collaborative work environment.


David credits the learnings and guidance from many remarkable leaders at GSF for furthering his success. During his career, he showcased outstanding teamwork, which resulted in his facility and their teams winning two Chairman’s Challenge Awards (the company’s highest annual honor) and many Best-in-Class Awards (which qualify leading facility teams for the Chairman’s Challenge Award). Additionally, David points out how engaging with his peers contributes to his overall job satisfaction.


“It all starts with the people—engaging in positive interactions and collaboration with my colleagues every day,” David explains. “I value the opportunities to make meaningful contributions, supporting not only GSF employees, but also the GSF Foundation and the communities we live in. This extends beyond contributing to GSF's success to also enhance the well-being of fellow employees. Recognizing and rewarding individuals for their efforts adds to the fulfillment of my role.”


With GSF University and other learning resources, David utilizes GSF’s many career development opportunities, including training, workshops, and seminars to advance his career. He encourages others interested in the manufacturing industry to also practice continuous learning.


“The foundation is built on the understanding that knowledge is power,” David shared. “Begin by engaging in continuous learning, building strong professional connections, acquiring hands-on experience, and developing soft skills, such as communication, teamwork, and adaptability. View challenges as opportunities for growth. A clear vision should guide decision-making, and seeking assistance when necessary is crucial. Trust and integrity are fundamental to a successful and sustainable career. Embrace innovation, remain open to new ideas, and prioritize a healthy work-life balance.”


GSF congratulates David on his impressive milestone of 35 years and his many valued contributions through the years!

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CONGRATS! Dave H. I have known and worked with you since your beginning withGSF. You have always engaged, respectful and doing a great job. Love to see you again. Bill

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