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Associate Milestone Anniversary Spotlight: Suzanne Mailman

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

January 17, 2022

Each quarter, GSF features associates celebrating milestone anniversaries within the GSF family of companies, sharing their journey, insights and what makes their time with the company so special.

In late 2021, Suzanne Mailman, International Food Technologist, celebrated 25 years at Golden State Foods. She describes her experience working at GSF as “thrilling, frustrating, fascinating, and more rewarding than anything I could ever have imagined.”

“Having watched GSF go from a mid-sized company to the powerhouse it is today has been amazing,” Suzanne reminisces about her two and a half decades with Golden State Foods. “I’ve been fortunate to meet GSF folks at every manufacturing facility and even some DCs that our company calls its own around the globe.”

Serving as one GSF’s subject matter experts for Quality, Food Safety, and Regulatory Compliance, Suzanne contributes critical knowledge to the company. In her role, Suzanne reviews programs for GSF Fresh!, KanPak, Liquid Products, and Protein Products to ensure food manufacturing facilities meet customer expectations and Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) standards.

“I stay abreast of all of our customers’ expectations and, once a year, visit our manufacturing facilities across the GSF enterprise both in and out of the USA, comparing how each of our facilities complies with all of our major customers’ expectations,” she explains.

Her advice to those interested in the industry is to “be prepared to work hard, never accept failure as an option, and to be open to other people’s knowledge and willing to learn.”

GSF congratulates Suzanne on this incredible milestone with gratitude for her dedication to the company over the past 25 years! ​

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