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GSF KanPak China Supplying New Mango Cheese Soft Serve

On June 26, GSF KanPak China successfully completed a trial run for McDonald’s first Mango Cheese Soft Serve. On the same day, GSF KanPak China also made the first Vanilla ultra-heat treated (UHT) trial-run of soft serve for McDonald’s.

The two flavors have different processes respectively, and the Vanilla soft serve is processed by UHT and Mango Cheese soft serve is processed by pasteurization. The Mango Cheese soft serve that was produced from the plant passed with great success and had a perfect sensory integration even in face of high viscosity. GSF KanPak China used special research and development to extend the Vanilla soft serve expiration date to support McDonald’s new businesses in remote areas of China, such as Tibet and Sinkiang.

“In the face of a rapidly changing market, we need to actively enhance our competitiveness with innovation and make decisions suitable for localization to meet the needs of customers and businesses. The team will provide McDonald’s with a selection of premium products and customized solutions for our customers’ business growth and add more value as part of the global supply chain.” – Tiger Wang, Managing Director, GSF KanPak China
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