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GSF Joins the Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) as Key Signatory

Other Signatories Include McDonald’s Amazon, PepsiCo and More

Today, GSF announced their involvement as a key signatory for Business for Social Responsibility’s (BSR) “Sustainable Fuel Buyers’ Principles.” The Principles tackle the proliferation of fuel choices by bringing together fleets and shippers of all sizes to set a common direction for sustainable fuel. By signing these Principles, companies send a strong joint message to the industry about the demand, the sustainability requirements, and the partnerships across the value chain that will be needed to scale investment in low-carbon fuels. The Principles were developed in partnership with six major signatories in May, which included Amazon, HP, IKEA, PepsiCo, UPS and Walmart. Nearly six months later, the BSR has doubled that number, which now includes: • Golden State Foods • McDonald’s Corporation • Martin Brower • Mile Hi Foods • HAVI • Anderson-DuBose • Armada • EARP Distribution • Heineken • T/C Distribution Each of the seven Principles outlines concrete actions that companies can take to accelerate the development and uptake of sustainable fuels. These include: 1. Support low-carbon, sustainable fuel choices 2. Demonstrate competitiveness 3. Advance investment, pilots, and standardization 4. Measurably improve well-to-wheels climate impacts 5. Address other relevant sustainability impacts and benefits 6. Invest in R&D breakthroughs 7. Collaborate for systemic solutions “To further our efforts toward the Triple Bottom Line in green freight, the second principle of demonstrating the competitive pricing of alternative fuel to existing options is critical,” said Anna Lisa Lukes, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility and Executive Director, GSF Foundation at Golden State Foods. “We are happy and proud to signal to our original equipment manufacturers and other vendors that we are seeking solutions to help ensure a more sustainable future.” “We are delighted that Golden State Foods has joined as a signatory to the Sustainable Fuel Buyers’ Principles, one of the first large U.S. food and beverage distributors to do so,” said Nate Springer, Manager, BSR’s Future of Fuels. “They are part of the growing momentum that signals increased demand for more sustainable fuels, expectations from customers for sustainability, and willingness to partner and collaborate with suppliers and shippers.” These 16 signatories will collectively help to accelerate the realization of a new, sustainable model for road freight fuel.

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