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GSF Facilities Achieve Outstanding Audit Scores in 2019

Across the globe, GSF and its family of companies maintained the highest standards in food manufacturing with eight facilities achieving the highest ratings of AA/Excellent and three facilities securing the second-highest ratings of A/Good on their British Retail Consortium (BRC) or Safe Quality Food (SQF) Audits throughout 2019.

Notable improvements from A to AA BRC ratings this past year include Conyers (Liquid Products), Opelika (Protein Products), KanPak China (Liquid Products) and GSF Fresh! China (Produce Products), as well as GSF Fresh! Australia (Produce Products) from Good to Excellent SQF rating. GSF congratulates the following facilities on their successful audit results:

  1. GSF Egypt (Liquid Products): AA

  2. Groenz (Liquid Products): AA

  3. Conyers (Liquid Products): AA

  4. GSF Fresh! China (Produce Products): AA

  5. GSF Fresh! Australia (Produce Products): Excellent

  6. KanPak Arkansas City (Dairy Products): AA

  7. KanPak China (Liquid and Dairy Products): AA

  8. Opelika (Protein Products): AA

  9. CIM (Liquid Products): A

  10. KanPak Penn Yan (Dairy Products): A

  11. GSF Fresh! New Zealand: Good​​

Additionally, GSF’s Conyers Liquid Products facility completed its ISO 14001 Environmental Management System (EMS) audit in December 2019 with zero findings. The passing score in resulted in the facility maintaining its ISO 14001 EMS certification.

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