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GSF Conyers LPNA and KanPak Arkansas City Receive Pratt Industries Environmental Impact Awards

June 23, 2023

The GSF Conyers Liquid Products North America and KanPak Arkansas City teams received Environmental Impact Awards from GSF’s corrugated supplier Pratt Industries, the world’s largest privately held 100% recycled paper and packaging company. Recognized for its 2022 environmental sustainability results, GSF saved nearly 245 million gallons of water, about 140 million kilowatt hours of power, and almost 600,000 trees through its pursuit of sustainable solutions with Pratt Industries. Additionally, GSF’s use of recycled corrugated in 2022 prevented nearly 35,000 tons of CO2 and diverted more than 115,000 cubic yards of waste from landfills.

“Pratt Industries is proud to recognize Golden States Foods with its 2022 Environmental Impact Award,” said Tom Priest, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Pratt Industries. “Thanks to your commitment to use Pratt’s 100% recycled corrugated packaging products, hundreds of thousands of trees and millions of kilowatt hours and gallons of water were saved in 2022 alone. In addition, tens of thousands of cubic yards of waste were kept out of landfills and tens of thousands of tons of CO2 were kept out of the atmosphere, evidencing that all decisions, right down to the packaging you thoughtfully and intentionally choose for shipping your products, can have a huge impact!”

As a trusted and valued supply chain partner for corrugated materials, Pratt supports GSF’s sustainability objectives by leveraging its geographic footprint to enable strategic proximity to GSF manufacturing locations, ensuring a competitive value proposition for end-to-end customers. Pratt’s four U.S. materials recovery facilities help GSF make a significant impact on reducing water, energy, waste, and fiber use, which support GSF’s 2030 environmental sustainability goals.

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