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GSF Career Spotlight: Jan Dick

Meet Jan Dick, the Operations Manager at GSF Burleson, Texas, whose story with the company shows growth, mentorship, and a deep-rooted commitment to the community. Since his start with GSF in February 2021, Jan has steadily grown, and today he’s reflecting on the experiences that have shaped his career path so far. 


Jan's introduction to GSF began in Conyers, Georgia, where he joined the company’s Liquid Products North America (LPNA) team as Operations Supervisor. Focusing on the production of sauces, syrups, toppings, and condiments, Jan contributed meaningfully to key GSF Values in making the best product and maintaining the highest standards of food safety and quality. Additionally, GSF’s bright prospects for growth and heartfelt dedication to community outreach resonated with Jan as shared values. 


Progressing from supervising to managing, Jan quickly transitioned from overseeing operations to leading process improvements. His team, affectionately known as "Seal Team 12," boosted filler efficiency by a notable 20 percent. In July 2022, Jan started his current role of Operations Manager, bringing his effective leadership skills to LPNA’s Burleson facility team. 


A Supportive Foundation and Impactful Mentorship 

Ask Jan what's kept him at GSF, and he'll tell you about the incredible support system with leadership that truly invests in its people. This support has benefitted Jan’s career, along with his personal development. 


Jan credits his GSF mentors with guiding him, leaving a lasting impression and playing a key part in his advancement over the past three years. He speaks fondly of supportive mentors like Senior Sanitation Manager Justin Smith, who showed Jan the ins and outs of the liquid products business in Conyers, and LPNA’s Group Vice President, Continuous Improvement, Jeff Bruns, who shared the power of continuous improvement. 


The Culture That Connects 

For Jan, the GSF culture isn't just about work; it's about people and a shared commitment to do right by them. Inspired by GSF’s Creed and Values, this ethos is not just spoken; it's lived. Associates’ genuine connection around their values-driven culture makes up a big part of why Jan takes pride in where he works. 


The sense of partnership throughout GSF creates a rewarding dynamic for Jan and his colleagues. Being part of a team and culture where everyone is pulling in the same direction and helping each other reach shared goals makes Jan’s work a joy. 


Words of Wisdom for Career Growth 

Jan gives his heartfelt advice to anyone looking to climb the career ladder at GSF: “Take care of GSF, and it'll take care of you. Show passion, dedication, and the drive to excel, and you'll find the company is just as committed to your success as you are.” 


As Jan continues to follow his own advice and bring his best efforts to GSF, the journey doesn't stop here. With dreams of one day leading an entire facility, he has set his sights on absorbing all the knowledge and experience he can in his current role. 

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