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GSF Honored with McDonald’s 2024 Global Food Safety and Quality Award

During the McDonald's Corporation Worldwide Convention in mid-April, McDonald’s presented its 2024 Global Food Safety and Quality Award to GSF as part of the Global Supply Chain Awards. GSF earned this customer recognition for consistently delivering significant and measurable performance in food safety and quality. Meeting and often exceeding expectations through ongoing, reliable supply of quality products and services to the McDonald’s System, GSF has set the standard for numerous best practices and stands out for its relentless commitment and pursuit of continuous improvement, according to McDonald’s. 


“To have GSF recognized during the McDonald’s Worldwide Convention with the Global Food Safety and Quality Award was a very humbling experience,” said Mariana Manole, GSF Senior Vice President, Global Food Safety, Quality, and Regulatory Affairs (FSQR). “We learned that GSF is viewed by McDonald’s as the ‘benchmark’ for numerous FSQR best practices. Thank you to every single GSF associate for doing the right thing when no one was watching. We will continue our focused and diligent pursuit of the highest FSQR standards because we all know that improving our FSQR systems is a journey that never ends.” 


The Global Food Safety and Quality Award recognized GSF for the following achievements: 


  • Demonstrated an unwavering commitment to Food Safety and Quality by fostering a robust culture inside and outside their organization. 

  • Embraced a continuous improvement approach while consistently achieving high levels of compliance. 

  • Advanced industry standards while strengthening food traceability through leadership in Blockchain and RFID technologies. 

  • Mentored suppliers in various regions, including coaching growers in Taiwan to uplift industry standards globally. 

  • Serves as an active member of the Supplier Food Safety Advisory Council. 


“We would like to thank McDonald’s for their great partnership and also every GSF associate who demonstrates their steadfast dedication to supplying the safest, highest-quality products to the McDonald’s system every day,” said Eric Treon, Group Vice President, Global McDonald’s Business Unit, GSF. “Earning this recognition would not have been possible without the entire GSF team’s hard work and commitment to food safety and quality, as well as the solid support and guidance of our leaders.” 


Central to all of GSF’s Values, mutual FSQR success with customers encompasses making the best product, maintaining the highest standards, and giving the customer a fair deal, while treating others like we want to be treated. In addition to this prestigious global recognition from McDonald’s, the FSQR team recently earned GSF’s Stellar Award for its outstanding accomplishments in 2023. 

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