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City of Industry Manufacturing Wins Chairman’s Challenge Award at 2017 Partners’ Meeting

GSF recently awarded the annual Chairman’s Challenge Award to CIM for outstanding facility achievement in safety, customer service, employee satisfaction, plant efficiencies, profitability and innovation. Recognized as GSF’s highest internal honor, the annual award was presented to the team at Golden State Foods’ annual Partners’ Meeting in San Diego, California. In addition to the Chairman’s Challenge Award, “Best in Class” awards were distributed in three categories for Quality Custom Distribution (QCD), Food Processing, and McDonald’s Distribution. The winners for these categories were: QCD Las Vegas, CIM, and GSF Whitewater. For the Chairman’s Challenge Award, the CIM team was recognized for demonstrating outstanding performance in a number of significant areas, including these few key accomplishments:

  1. An excellent quality and safety record for the year;

  2. Earning customer recognition for top performance and quality products;

  3. Successfully launching 16 new products;

  4. Welcoming 127 new associates;

  5. Improving associate morale an engagement;

  6. Exemplary service to the GSF Foundation and to the community, helping those in need;

  7. Demonstrating sustainable manufacturing practices, including nearing their goal of achieving zero waste to landfill.

“This year’s Chairman’s Challenge Award went to our CIM team for setting the gold standard in excellence for our company, and for our customers,” said Mark Wetterau, chairman and chief executive officer, Golden State Foods. “They’ve demonstrated that it takes teamwork at all levels to accomplish greatness as the all-around facility leader, and I know they’ll continue to make GSF proud with their performance in the future.” “Accepting the 2016 Chairman’s Challenge award on behalf of all of our associates at CIM is an incredible honor, but I wouldn’t have this opportunity if it weren’t for the dedication of every single person on my team,” said Kevin Casto, group vice president, Liquid Products – CIM. “This award validates all of our associates’ collective hard work over the last year, and I’m inspired to continue raising the bar for excellence within our facility throughout 2017.” Casto accepted the award on behalf of the 490-member team, which was announced on February 23 at the 2016 Partners’ Meeting in San Diego.

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